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My "best friend" forgot my birthday...

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My "best friend" forgot my birthday...
Maybe I"m making a big deal out of nothing, but it certainly wasn"t the best feeling in the world when I had to remind him that it was my birthday. All he had to do was send me a text message saying "Happy Birthday, I hope you have a good day." It"s not like I saw him, and he gave me a present. I didn"t even get a message until I reminded him that it was my birthday and he messaged "Sorry. Happy Birthday!"

It just... hurt, because I consider him my best friend and he couldn"t even remember my birthday. I don"t get it. I texted him asking if was up to anything, and he said no, and that he"d been up to nothing. Is there something he isn"t telling me? Does he have a girlfriend he doesn"t want me to know about? It"s not the first time that he"s had a girlfriend and I didn"t know. I just don"t understand. This isn"t like him. It"s like he"s stopped putting effort into our friendship, and it"s no longer a 50-50 thing.

It makes me sad, because it confirms that I more than likely will not keep in touch with him after high school. If he can"t even remember my birthday now, how will he when we"ve finished school? It seems like such a tiny thing, and it is, yet I still get depressed about it. It affects me more than it should, and I hate it. I wish I would stop getting depressed about such stupid things, but I can"t help it.

Maybe this whole summer break has made us drift apart, and we will reconcile our friendship from tomorrow when I go back to school. I really hope that"s the case. If it"s not, well, I"ll be really sad then.

By the way, thanks for the birthday wishes on here and on facebook. They made me smile and both my twin brother and I had a good day. ♥ The pic was taken of us (brother and I) at a berry farm/afternoon tea place. It was way good!

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